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The Comprehensive Guide to Choosing Profitable Products for Your Store 2022

Have you ever thought about creating an online business in order to profit from the Internet, and after a long search and reading several articles and watching many videos on YouTube about different ways to profit online, you found yourself choosing a specific field and often it will be the field of shipping or commission marketing because they are considered successful projects and not Require a large capital! Today I will tell you the comprehensive guide to choosing profitable products for your store 2022

Now you feel very happy and imagine the dollars falling on you from everywhere and think about all the tools and products that you have always dreamed of buying and you want to start right away in creating your own website or YouTube channel.

Then you stop dreaming for a bit, and before you start, ask yourself a question that may be the most difficult and most important in your online project or your affiliate site... What niche will I choose? Or simply, what topic will my site talk about?

The Comprehensive Guide to Choosing Profitable Products for Your Store 2022

In order for me to help you choose products, you should answer yourself two questions that I will ask you:

First, what niche did you choose?

  1. One of the first steps in e-commerce is choosing a niche… It is also the biggest point where we see people rushing into it. While you should not make choosing a specialized niche more difficult than it is, it is important not to rush the process.
  2. We have talked about choosing this niche several times. The niche you choose is what determines the nature of the products that are found in it, and you will notice if you start working online that there are some niches that are more profitable than others, especially in foreign markets.
  3. Among these niches, for example, the weight loss niche or the travel niche, what is the niche that you have chosen and that you think you understand and have experience and knowledge about?

Second, what are the different types of products that are found inside this niche?

Each niche has a set of products associated with it that you can market well, and although all products belong in this way to one niche, there are some differences that can distinguish one product from the other, and make some products more profitable than others. (Specialization This is the secret of your success in this field.

Study and evaluation of the niche market and the product market

In order to be able to determine whether the products are profitable for you and fit the niche you chose for your store, you should conduct a study and evaluation process for the niche market and the market for products that are located within this niche as well, in order to identify the strengths and weaknesses in them, and try to focus in your offer - after choosing the product _ On strengths, address weaknesses, and can compete strongly within this niche. The process of evaluating the niche market and product market helps achieve the following two goals:

  • Determining the profitable products within this niche, and how to use them within the online store in order to profit through it (products with high selling rates compared to others).
  • New products appear when developing the characteristics of some types of profitable products with high competition in order to avoid this competition and thus either new products appear, or the same old products with new and unique characteristics that help them enter into competition strongly.

1- Understand the size of the market

It may seem difficult for you to identify and accurately determine the size of the market, but the topic is very simple, as it largely depends on the niche you have chosen, did you choose a large niche or did you choose a small niche?

If you choose a sports niche for your store, this certainly reflects a large niche and therefore a very large market of sellers and consumers as well, but if you choose, for example, yoga or yoga exercises for slimming, this is considered a relatively small niche, or at least it is smaller than the sports niche and therefore the size The market is small.

How do you control your niche market?

  • When creating your own niche business it is absolutely essential that you keep your goals in mind and make sure you convey your message clearly to your target audience, conduct frequent business analyzes to ensure that you are serving your audience in the best possible way.
  • Strive to be specific, distinctive and appropriate.
  • Listen to your customers, ask them for feedback and correct any errors right away.

2- Understand the nature and quality of the market

The quality and nature of the markets depends on a very important factor, which is the quality of the product itself, and because products differ from one type to another, as I have already told you, the markets also differ according to the differences in the product.

The changes affecting the products in general led to the emergence of different forms of the market, which were divided into four sections, namely:

accidental market

  • It is the market that results from products that appear quickly as a result of an event and also disappear very quickly.
  • This type of market and the products associated with it have a great risk, and this risk lies in the unpredictability of the events that lead to market popularity and increase sales and profit through products, and therefore profit here is linked to the ability to enter the market at the right time and during the event and achieve all Possible profits at that time, otherwise it would be a disaster.
  • An example of this: Geiger Muller Counter earthquake sensors, which spread in Japan during one year as a result of many earthquakes in this year, and this certainly shows through this research process that shows that the product spread during a certain period suddenly.

trendy market

This type of market is very similar to an accidental market but its life cycle is a bit longer, it lasts longer and also takes longer to grow, and therefore it can be considered a profitable market because it has less risk than accidental market, and sometimes it may continue and become a growing market Which I will explain shortly.

For example: the skinny pants that appeared several years ago are considered popular markets, and the majority of products that are related to fashion, such as clothes and their colors, are considered popular markets, because they appear as a result of an event that may be a celebrity wearing this type of clothing or a certain color.

It appears from the research process in the image below how the skinny pants are thriving in sales during certain months, but it is more stable than the seismic device we mentioned earlier.

stable market

  • Stable markets are the safest markets that can work and profit from their products, because the public's need for this market and products is permanent and does not stop no matter what the community is exposed to any events and emergencies.
  • A stable market is often associated with basic products or basic resources without which people's lives would not survive.
  • For example:  skin care products or slimming drugs are among the products that are characterized by a stable market, despite the presence of some competition within them, which does not lead to the same profit permanently, but it is one of the markets that individuals need permanently.
  • I did a search for the word “skin cream” to find out the search rates for it, and you will find in the following image that the search rates for it are somewhat stable, because women specifically resort to skin creams is considered essential.

growing market

  • There are many types of growing markets and it is one of the ideal markets, and the market is small in its beginning, and it expands with the expansion of trade and promotion work in it and begins to spread and expand.
  • Case in point: The yoga market is a growing market, which started in a small way but is now very wide.
  • From the picture you will find that search rates are increasing over time.

You can learn about the type of market you are working in through google trends  , as it gives you strong indicators about the nature of the market and products, and defines whether the market is casual, popular, stable or growing.

3- Get to know the target audience

Determining the target audience for the niche you have chosen is very important, because it helps you identify the best way to deal and promote the product to the audience.

For example, if the niche you chose targets teenagers, keep in mind that teenagers do not have a credit or credit card to make online purchases, and in this case you can expand your target audience and change the segment you address, or you can choose another product suitable for that slide.

4- Get to know the competitors market

In order to be able to profit through the niche you have chosen and through the product that you will choose, get to know the competitors and analyze the entire competitor market, in order to know information about the competitors and the number of competitors, is it too few or too large? And if the number of competitors is large, who are your strongest competitors? How they present your product and profit rates, and how can you differ from the way they present your product?

Do a full study of the market, and if the competition market is weak, this is something you can take advantage of and enter strongly among competitors. If the competition market is strong, focus on the product you have chosen and try to highlight characteristics or add other characteristics to it in order to distinguish it from your competitors.

In general, although strong competition may frustrate the individual, it can be considered an indicator of the strength of the market and the strength of demand within it, which is a good thing for the product you will choose, with a little effort, the profits may be amazing.

Choosing a group of products within the niche

  • As I have already told you, the process of evaluating the niche market and product market helps in identifying the most popular products in the market and choosing the most profitable products or developing existing products, and therefore you will be able to choose a group of products within your niche once you have completed the process of evaluating the niche market and Souq products.
  • You can choose from 5 to 10 products within the niche and make comparisons between them through search rates that show you the rates of sale and demand for the product, as well as the size of competition in this product.
  • After you compare these products, you will definitely choose one or two products to profit from, and these products you will choose should have a set of specifications, so that it becomes easier for you in the selling process and less problems that you may face.

In the previous picture, I did a quick search within the Amazon site, to identify the products that can be profited from in niche yoga, and if you notice, you will find there are a very large number of products such as bags, books, tools, or even clothes.

Follow the comprehensive guide to choosing profitable products for your store 2022

Specifications of profitable products

One of the hardest things for any merchant looking to start an online business is choosing the right product or category to sell. In today's commerce world, the companies that thrive and survive are those that have quality products or exclusive products. So you must know how to do research to get the estimated sales volume. And do not forget that everyone is competing in the Arab market these days.

  • Simplicity in manufacturing : Importing a product with complex design and manufacturing such as a mobile phone or electronics in general. These products have a very high risk of error because there are a lot of things that can go wrong. And when something happens, you will be to blame. Good product means less error area.
  • Before diving into a niche and choosing a product, make sure there are no regulations or restrictions, or at least they are manageable. Some chemical products, food products, cosmetics, or children's toys can carry many restrictions.
  • The product should be easy in the shipping process, because this saves you a lot of problems. If there is difficulty in shipping the product, such as if the product is glass, for example, it is prone to breakage and therefore prone to many problems.
  • You must choose the products that the market demands regardless of the time that this market is going through, meaning that there are products in which developments and changes occur that lead to the neglect of the old ones, such as mobiles, for example, the emergence of a new type of mobiles affects the sales of the old type.
  • Don't get into seasonal trends or hype unless you have good capital. You want something that will sell consistently all year round. Yes, I know there are many profitable seasonal products, but you want a good product that has a market every month, but every day within your niche, choose the most profitable products and the least in competition as well, in order to ensure a large market share.
  • Within your niche, choose the most profitable and least competitive products to ensure a large market share.
  • Choose products in which the customer can order more than one copy, and this is available in small products that do not take up space.
  • Choose products with high consumption, meaning that the life cycle of the product itself is rather short, and therefore the customer's demand for the product is frequent.
  • This is a set of specifications that help you when choosing specific products, so if you can find a product that contains these specifications, the chance of profit through this product is much greater than others.

Evaluate the product of your choice

Through the process of comparison that you have made between the products you have chosen, you will surely choose a particular product or two at most in order to win through them. In this assessment process, you should know the following:

Product price

  • Some people may lower the price of their products in an attempt to enter the competition, and play on the price element in order to attract customers, and this may be good in the beginning for the sake of profit, as some of the public prefer low-priced products.
  •  Over time, it will become a loss for the owners of the product and not a gain, because the profit rate will be less than expected due to the low price and low customer confidence in the new product.
  • There are also some products that are not suitable for this because the public may sometimes translate the low price of the product as a decrease in the quality of the product as well, especially if the market is foreign.
  • But this does not mean that an exaggerated increase in the price of the product is also a good thing, because the customer does not want to pay more money and may have the same product at a lower price.
  • Thus, balancing when determining the price of a product is important, in the sense that you try to identify the prices that your competitors use, and set prices similar to them, or a little lower if you want to play at this price point.

product life cycle

Every product has a life cycle, some products have a large life cycle meaning that the product lives with the customer for long periods and therefore the customer will not need the same product soon.

As I have already told you, choosing products with a short life cycle is better, because it ensures that the customer will resort to you again in order to buy the product again, and so on, and thus you can profit from the same consumer several times, if he likes the product you offer him.

If you noticed in the previous picture, the life cycle of the makeup removal wipes is very small, and therefore the chance of the consumer or customer returning to buy from you again is very big.

product quality

What is the quality of the product you are selling to the customer? Is the product one of the basic products that the customer cannot live without, or are they secondary products that solve the customer’s problems, but he may abandon them easily if he solves his problems in other ways, or are they a recreational product that only meets the psychological needs of the customer, and therefore does not represent A great necessity for him.

Each type of product has a specific customer audience, and whatever type of product you choose, you will definitely find the right customer for him. The idea here lies in your ability to promote your product and motivate customers to buy.

The product in the previous picture is the travel bag, and it is one of the by-products or products that solve the customer's problems and facilitate his life.

The product in this picture is a vacuum cleaner, and it is worth noting that at the present time no house is without a vacuum cleaner in it, and this indicates that the product has become one of the basic products.

Product seasonality

I previously told you that it is better for you to choose products that are not related to a particular season, because this type of product increases sales rates during this season only, and decreases very significantly outside of it, and therefore the profit in other seasons will be very small.

I tried to identify the search rates for the “burkini”, which is the swimsuit for veiled women in Egypt, to know the rates of purchase and search for this product. September, and search rates reach their peak during the month of July, when vacation and summer vacations.

Create a need for the product in the market

The public or customers do not buy any product without having a need they want to satisfy through this product, and your job as the owner of this product is to try to identify the needs of the public, or create their need for the product you are selling, and you can do this through :

  • Addressing the needs of the audience. There are some needs of the audience that they always need to satisfy, whether they are psychological needs or physical needs. The important thing is that the audience is in a constant quest to satisfy these needs in any way possible, and you can take advantage of these needs and convince the audience that your product is able to satisfy them.
  • Some audiences may find problems with existing products. If you intend to profit through one of these products, try to solve the problems that the audience suffers from before you offer the product to them, especially if you point and focus on the new features offered by the product and how it differs from competitors and addresses their problems.
  • Some products are new to the market, or the audience does not need these products, and your job in this case is to create this need for the public by focusing on the advantages offered by the product and its many specifications, and trying to attract a new customer category.
  • You must ensure the loyalty of the audience to you and your product at all times by constantly identifying their needs and also the problems, if any, that they have experienced in your product and trying to fix them.

Where can you find and sell products?

You can find and sell your products through many sites, foremost of which is your own site if you own one and the affiliate sites, and many other sites such as Amazon, eBay, google shopping and others, and now I will show you 3 sites where you can display your products:


Amazon is one of the largest sites that sell products online, and with the increase in the public’s and customers’ trust in it, it has become the first site that the public goes to to buy products, and in order to display your products on Amazon, you should focus on the following:

  • After you have determined your niche, search within Amazon for the products available within this niche and get to know them.
  • Choose from the products that are best-selling or that have a large percentage of sales, it means that the market for this product is an active market in which you can profit.
  • Learn about the amount of competition for this product, and try to distinguish your product with any advantage so that it can compete among the rest of the products, especially those that have existed for a while on Amazon and have a significant sales percentage.
  • Try to choose products that cannot be easily obtained from regular stores, but rather people resort to buying them online.
  • Focus on the feature that distinguishes your product during the selling process, which is called the competitive advantage, in order to improve the rates of your product's visibility to the public or visitors.
  • Promote your product, get traffic and increase traffic.


This site is very similar to Amazon and has the same position and value in the e-commerce market, and what distinguishes it is the availability of public auctions in it, which means buying products at increased prices on demand, and you can sell through eBay through:

  • Getting to know the best-selling products on eBay through a study of the demand market and the prices of products within the site because the selling fees within this site are high, and therefore if you choose a product with a small value or a product that has little demand, this is a loss for you.
  • At the same time, if this is the first product you sell or your store on eBay is new, try not to make your products overpriced because the public will not risk buying your product because they do not know it and its quality.
  • If you get high profits and good feedback from customers, improve the prices of the products you offer

Google Shopping

Although some people go to Amazon and eBay in order to buy some products, others prefer to buy through search engines, which Google comes in the fore as the most important and largest search engine, and therefore you can rely on it in order to learn about the preferences of the audience and the products they are looking for, from Through several tools, at the forefront of these tools is the google keyword planner, keywords and products with high search rates are the desired products that you can sell through your online store, whether on Amazon or eBay or your website and your product.

The previous image shows people searching for ways to whiten teeth, and you will find that among the common searches, products for teeth whitening, and this means that some people resort to Google for products to whiten teeth.

You now have the comprehensive guide to choosing profitable products for your store 2022. Thank you for following up, I hope I achieved the desired benefit, if you have any questions leave it in the comments

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