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10 tips for creating a successful Facebook ads

Social media ads in general and  Facebook in particular are a very effective tool in reaching a large and very high quality audience, as the audience you reach through Facebook Ads is an audience who is interested in your product and actually has the desire to buy what you are promoting, in addition to that Facebook currently has more than 2.24 billion monthly active users,

who spend a great deal of time using it periodically through their smartphones, and this is what made Facebook become the largest media platform on earth due to the excellent environment it provides for customers wishing to promote their offers and Reach a wide audience and make great profits from their campaigns, because it has the largest possible data about its users, and now let's explore together the top 10 tips for making a successful Facebook ad to increase your profits..

The importance of Facebook marketing

Facebook Ads has become a very important part of any marketing plan for any product or service these days, as the Facebook platform allows a variety of targeting options available to marketers to get the most value out of every dollar spent, making it an ideal place to increase conversions, downloads and increase the number of leads .

10 tips for creating a successful Facebook ad

Our goal in this article is to help you exploit Facebook Ads  to achieve two main things: the first is to achieve high profits from your campaign, and the second is to optimally manage your advertising campaign budget, so that you are able to build a winning campaign and qualify you to become a professional in the world of affiliate marketing.

1- Put a specific goal in front of your eyes

In order to make a successful and effective Facebook ad, you must first answer this question: What do you want your ads to do? In other words, you must define your goal clearly and carefully behind creating Facebook ads.

Do you want more followers for your page from Facebook users? Want to make more sales? Want more posts among active Facebook users?

2- Target your audience carefully

As mentioned before, Facebook has about 2.24 billion monthly active users that can be converted into customers!

All the groups you want to target are on Facebook on a daily basis, starting with a CEO or a high school student, they spend time browsing their news feed on Facebook.

So if you want to learn how to create or run successful Facebook ads, you need a good and deep understanding of the customers you want to target.

3- Use attractive, eye-catching advertising images

There is a very telling and true saying: “A picture is worth a thousand words” so you should focus on the picture first before the number of words you write in the ad, a potential customer can ignore your ad directly without reading it if the image does not catch their attention.

  • Try as much as possible to attract the customer by using clear, attractive and high-quality images
  • Make sure the image contains no more than 20% of the image's total area of ​​text.
  • If the text area is more than that percentage, then Facebook will show your ad to fewer people.
  • The best type of image is the one that fits perfectly with your business as well as your target audience.

4- Use attractive and carefully designed videos

Much better than images is to use videos , as videos can convey much more information than a single image.

Plus, with Facebook's autoplay feature, you might be able to get someone's attention who would have skipped your ad right away.

The video used in ads should not be based on audio as there is a statistic 85% of videos on Facebook are watched without audio!

5- I know exactly what you have to say

Now we know the specifications of the images necessary to make a successful Facebook ad, but what about the text or content of the ad?

One of the characteristics of a successful advertisement is that it contains three basic elements:

  1. draw attention
  2. A phrase or sentence to add value
  3. Calling the client to take a specific action or the so-called CTA.

Attention grab is the hook you use to catch the customer interested in your ad, if the first sentence of your ad doesn't interest the reader they will move on to the next post on the page.

Therefore, you must choose the words very carefully, especially the first sentence or title in your ad, to attract the customer in a jiffy, and then you must put the appropriate content that the customer is interested in so that he reads the ad very carefully. Finally, do not hesitate to invite the customer to make a decision and take action by subscribing or purchasing and others indirectly.

6- Try not to look like an explicit advertisement

Your ad must address the reader's need or problem and provide a solution to him by clicking on your ad, because most customers or natural people do not like to see ads, and they also do not like you to tell them directly to make a purchase, they refuse to do so.

7- Create and test multiple ads

One of the biggest common mistakes you might make is to only launch one ad with each campaign, so the slightest change you make in words or images has a very big impact on your ad click rate.

8- Understand and master the use of Facebook Pixel

Facebook pixel tracking is one of the most useful tools to run successful ads on Facebook, it is a piece of code that you can embed in your website, that allows you to track social media KPIs, conversions, retargeting and marketing to potential customers, the data can also be used that you collect to set your target audience and improve your ads.

9. Rely on retargeting

You can retarget the people who saw 50% of your video ad with a different video, and maybe offer them an offer or a discount in order to convert them into customers.

  • Or you can retarget everyone who was about to buy from your site
  • You can also retarget your traffic that visited a specific page.
  • (Note: The Facebook pixel mode must be enabled for this type of targeting.)

It is worth noting that retargeting ads are less expensive compared to regular ads, so do not miss this opportunity from your hands.

10- Allocate an appropriate budget

The Facebook platform is a hugely money-driven platform, in other words, the more advertising dollars you want to spend, the more people will see your ads. If you want successful Facebook ads, then you have to set a reasonable budget to achieve your goals.

We have given you 10 tips to make a successful Facebook ad. Use the previous tips together and apply them correctly so that you can promote your campaign successfully and effectively on Facebook and ensure that you achieve a profit margin that satisfies your ambitions and enables you to expand your campaign in the future.