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10 strategies to achieve sales from social shopify

One of the most fears of the owners of companies and projects is the constant thinking and the constant search for strategies and ideas to increase sales, the importance of sales lies in being part of the real translation of the success or failure of the company. How to increase online sales is one of the biggest problems that all store owners face, and as a store owner, knowing where to start and how to stand out from thousands of other e-commerce sites can be a bit intimidating, as the explosion of growth in e-commerce has made it difficult to attract serious customers To increase sales online, so let me tell you 10 strategies to achieve sales from social_shopify and some marketing strategies that may help you increase sales

10 strategies to achieve sales from social_shopify

We all know the extent of the impact that social media has on societies as a whole, as it is easy to reach anyone around the world, and there is no doubt that this greatly serves the owners of Shopify sites because they can benefit from the interested customers present on these sites, e-commerce just like social media has spread It has a wide spread and is not limited by the borders of a country,

where you can market to any country in the world, and you can take advantage of the different social media sites, as they gather all the countries of the world in one place, by exploiting Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, .... and others in the marketing process Although everyone may be aware of the importance of different social media in e-marketing, and that it is great for marketing their stores, but they do not know the best way to do this, so in this article I talk about the most important social media marketing strategies.

Thus, if you are facing a problem in devising new ways to get more sales and increase profits, the strategies that we will present to you in this article can help you overcome this problem and solve it

What is your social media marketing strategy?

This strategy guides your actions and helps your brand achieve its digital marketing campaign goals.

There are 5 main points to consider when creating your social media strategy for ease of use, and they are as follows:

  1. Objectives: Define the results of your efforts and how you will measure them
  2. Target audience: Find interested clients
  3. Content: Program social media based on the content you provide and mix them
  4. Channels: Choose the best available social networks that you want to dedicate your time to and what you will use for them.
  5. Method: Prepare the basics and tools needed to effectively implement your strategy.
  6. Disclaimer : This is not a prescription for social media success, but rather a basic plan to understand how to better exploit social media to make smarter decisions.

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing is an effective and guaranteed way for large and small companies and startups to reach the target customers for their business.

Customers interact more with brands through social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and many other popular social media sites. Where you can work on marketing through social media, especially Facebook, by subscribing and directing paid advertising campaigns that attract more audience.

Benefits of social media marketing

  • Get better results from the available budget for marketing and advertising campaigns
  • Increasing brand awareness through unique content that contributes to increased interaction
  • Increase customer trust and loyalty through public positive reviews on social media accounts
  • Develop marketing and advertising campaigns by analyzing performance statistics available on social media sites

10 strategies to achieve sales from social_shopify

1- Open the Facebook Store

Did you know that you can sell your products directly from Facebook?! The advantage of opening stores that Facebook offers directly through social pages will help you reach customers, and you reach customers, as by opening these stores, new customers can be reached in a short period without the need to interact outside of your jurisdiction. What you have to do is advertise the products or service you are promoting, as the Facebook Store section communicates with your Shopify online store directly, so customers can buy your products from within the Facebook interface instantly without bothering to search for your store too much.

2- Writing the product description correctly.

  • The need to focus on the benefits of the product and the good results that it achieves for its users, so the benefits of the product will be the first thing to be mentioned and clarified before the characteristics and specifications, and it must be written in a different and clear format and with simple points
  • Cautions and warnings are mentioned in the last paragraphs of the product description

3- Create contests 

Contests are one of the most things that motivate the audience to participate in something, and push them to speed up on your site. If you use contests, or give gifts on certain things that you request from your audience, this will increase the interaction within your page, for example gifts Freebies that get customers to share a link to your brand, or get more audience on your page, will increase engagement on your page, as the more audience you have, the more customers will be interested, and ultimately, sales will increase.

As you can see from this picture, I did a simple competition for a week, it reached more than 44,500 people, and nearly 4,000 people interacted with it, and this is what I mentioned to you above about the importance of competitions to increase your interaction

Disclaimer: The competition The competition has ended and you have handed over the three copies, in addition to offering a special discount to the participants in the competition.

4- Make it easy to share your products

Share buttons are one of the most important elements that play an important role in increasing the traffic or audience of pages on social media sites and thus increasing sales, so make sure that the share buttons for social, whether Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are activated and located in places that can be easily found, the page of your Shopify store , the easier it is to share its products through the customers who are on it, the more traffic will be on your site, and the more new people who get to know your site, who in the future may be the main customers of your store

5- Run an influencer  campaign

Influencer marketing or influencer marketing has become one of the most used website marketing strategies today, if you can identify influencers who have engaged audiences that represent your target market, you can get them to share a post featuring your brand and products.

Some influencers will ask for a free product in exchange for posting, while others may ask for direct payment, depending on their reach and cooperation.

6- Participate in or own Facebook groups

Facebook groups are online communities that include a number of Facebook users, these groups usually depend on bringing together people who have the same common interests, they may bring together affiliate or fashion lovers, or sports lovers, or anything else, and you can take advantage of these Groups by subscribing to them, and contributing to them in one way or another, regarding your field, the brand you are marketing for, and your target audience,

The goal of your participation in these groups is not only to start selling your products, but you can create relationships by directly commenting on the posts that are published within them, communicating in one way or another with its members and proving your credibility in the group, so other members will naturally become interested in what you do, and this is from It would bring you targeted customers, because you are basically participating in a community that cares about what you offer, which contributes to greatly increasing your Shopify store traffic.

On the other hand, you can create your own group, but it will take you time and effort to be able to attract the largest number of members to promote your products in the beginning, but in the end whether you use the first or second strategy, this will enhance your brand.

7- Analysis

All the time, whether you're posting content or sharing on social media, you'll need to know your performance.

  • How many positive signals do you get in a month?

8- Put your best posts at the top of your profile

Your profile or profile on social sites is a definition of you and your entire personality, so your profile should reflect in one way or another the brand you are promoting, and I always make sure to install an initial post at the beginning of your page that reflects the nature of the work The commercial that you offer in full so that the audience knows the truth of what you offer at first sight

Here are some of the features at your disposal and the strategies you can follow in this regard:

  • Update your cover photo to something eye-catching such as a featured product image or a high-quality image of the brand you provide within your site.
  • Include links to your site in your bio, or profile so it's easy for people to get to your store.
  • Pinning posts that have performed well to the top of the page, so you can show how much engagement there is on the page, and whenever a visitor finds that your page has a productive interaction, that can lure them to be on the page permanently by subscribing to it.

9- Offering more discounts and targeted ads

Everyone always loves to get good deals and discounted sales, and therefore doing some discounts and reducing the profit margin to do so can contribute very significantly to increasing sales in cases of stability and decline, and I will not hide from you that there are many experiments conducted in this matter and proven effective very significantly.

In addition, targeted ads to some customers will greatly help you achieve better sales, and targeted ads in short are ads dedicated to some customers in which some products that those customers may need are displayed.

10- Share with your audience on social media

There is no doubt that actual participation with your audience develops communication between you and customers, and thus leads to helping to develop the market for the product you are promoting. If we take, for example, the pages of stars, whether art stars, movie stars, theater, or anything else, the greater the interaction For these pages with good, creative content the more this contributes to making the audience for the page larger, and for electronic stores, when we talk about the pages of Shopify stores, whether they are on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, the excessive interaction on them increases their audience, The larger the audience, however, the greater the possibility of finding a large amount of potential customers, and this certainly serves the Shopify store, as it increases the probability of finding real buyers, and this entails an increase in profits.

So do not neglect relying on this matter, as it helps you build your brand, and do not forget to ask your audience to share your brand with others, this would help to greatly revitalize your business, and introduce a large amount of audience to your brand commercial.


In the end, all the marketing strategies that we have listed, which we did not even have time to list, must be done with a creative touch in order to be able to attract the consumer. Placing attractive, brief, and useful content increases the likelihood of attracting consumers, and effective marketing for social media must include coordinated content, Scheduling product-related posts and including media such as videos and high-quality images will also attract more customers, and continuous interaction plays an important role in increasing traffic within your store. These strategies are not only used to promote your products,

In fact, highlighting the best in social media marketing is more than just broadcasting your brand, but rather about understanding your audience, participating in it, responding to it and the world in which they live, in order to build a bridge of communication between you and customers, so that you can attract the customer on an ongoing basis. To buy from you more than once, which ultimately works in the interest of your sales.

With this, I have finished presenting the top 10 strategies for achieving sales from social_shopify. I hope that this article has achieved the desired benefit and helps you achieve more sales, God willing. Thank you for reading and tell me in the comments below what strategies you are already using? Or if you have another look, leave it in the comments for others to benefit from.