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10 Steps and Tips for Creating a Successful Advertising Campaign

Every day, hundreds of advertising campaigns are created on the Internet, especially after e-marketing has become a necessity for any business. Currently, it is a mistake for any entrepreneur to ignore marketing on the Internet, and perhaps this is one of the reasons for creating advertising campaigns in abundance, both for new brands as well as giant brands in the market, Thus, it is necessary to be aware of the basics of creating a successful advertising campaign in order to be able to develop your business.

Let's agree from now that all successful advertising campaigns on the Internet share some basic features, the most important of which is that they follow the right steps that contribute to creating a successful advertising campaign, especially in light of the fierce competition that exists on the scene at the present time. Do not worry. In this guide, we have listed the top 10 Steps and tips through which you can create a successful advertising campaign through our many experiences with hundreds of ads during the course of our work.

In the beginning when you think of creating an advertising campaign, what is the first thing that comes to your mind?! Is it budget or what? Unfortunately, the budget is often the big dilemma that we always think about, especially in our Arab society, and perhaps this is one of the most important reasons for the failure of the advertising campaigns that we create.

Of course, thinking about the budget is an important thing, but certainly there is something more important in the beginning, the topic is steps that should not precede the other step, so in this article I will make it in the form of steps so that it is more useful for you and consider it a reference for you.

10 Steps and Tips for Creating a Successful Advertising Campaign

Each of the following steps has many things related to it, but in order to avoid cramming a lot in the article, I will not touch on everything, but I will focus more on what is useful for you, and in order not to prolong it, the tips and steps are as follows:

1- Study your market and study your competitors

If you really want to create a successful advertising campaign, the first step you must do is to study the market well and know the competitors and spy on them. Do not worry about this spying. There is nothing in it, it is very normal and everyone does it. Before and know how to market? How does he think? What are the points that he plays and focuses on in his advertisements?

Of course, you will not copy and paste from his ads, but you must think outside the box (don't worry we will talk about this point too), but the idea here is that you know more about your market and know what the competitor is doing, and there is also an advantage in knowing people's reactions to this advertisement By knowing how many interactions and comments they have made, be sure to read the comments to see what people really want.

So how do I know which ads competitors have made?

Frankly, this topic needs an article on its own, but I will mention to you some quick ways, Facebook currently has a feature to know competitors’ ads, for example, when I searched for Frank Kern, who is one of my favorite characters, I entered his page and chose page transparency and then chose “Go to Ads Library” As shown in the following figure:

And automatically my friend Facebook showed me a large number of ads made by Frank Kern through his page and here you can simply find out the information you want, of course this is 100% free from Facebook:

There are also many tools specialized in spying on competitors, for example, the poweradspy tool , the adespresso tool , the bigspy tool, the trackmaven tool, and finally the well - known adspy tool .

2- Determine the goal of your marketing campaign

This is the most important point from my point of view, especially in the beginning. Some people neglect this point very much or misunderstand it. For example, when you ask a beginner about the goal of his advertising campaign, you will find his answer present by saying: to earn a lot of money! Or say: to achieve the largest number of sales!! Of course, this is not what I mean by setting the goal of the advertising campaign.

Look my friend, the goal of the campaign as a whole should be clear whether it is interaction, for example, visits, clicks, views or what, of course for each goal you find most of the options in the ads under it are different depending on the main goal - Campaign, and of course The case must also specify the goal of each Adset, and please try to make this goal clear, I mean, do not tell me I want to get the largest number of sales, for example.

I mean to make it clear, I mean specifying a number, for example: I want to get 5000 clicks on the ad and then people enter the sales vanilla and achieve a certain number of sales, in short, the more clear your goal is from your advertising campaign, the easier it will be to achieve this goal. You think that it is not important, but actually A.B. Marketing is setting goals and this information is mentioned in international courses on the idea of ​​creating a successful advertising campaign.

3- Choose the appropriate advertising channel for your project

This step is also an important step in creating a successful advertising campaign. Before you start your advertising campaign, you must determine the appropriate marketing channels for what you intend to market. Let's give a simple example. When creating an ad on the Facebook advertising platform, you notice that several options are shown to you to select Where to place the ad, is it only Facebook, Messenger as well, or Instagram as well, and so on.

Of course, it is an unforgivable mistake to specify all the advertising platforms for your ad to appear in most cases, at least the ad structure may be inappropriate for one platform than the other or not suitable for the audience in it, of course speaking here is not limited to Facebook advertising platforms, but By this I mean any other advertising platform such as Google, Twitter, Snapchat and others.

For example, there are certain businesses in which only advertising on YouTube is suitable and others suitable for Facebook, and so on. No one knows the appropriate place and channel except you, the owner of the business. Personally, some time ago, I got to know the owner of a business with great information and we talked a little about his marketing and I was very surprised when he told me that the marketing campaigns that He always does it on the Snapchat platform, so I told him to try Twitter, but he told me that for his content and business, Snapchat is more suitable and brings him a better return!

4- Determine the appropriate budget for your marketing campaign

We have now reached the fourth point, which is often put by some as No. 1, and this is wrong. There are more important things than the budget, but of course the budget must be taken into account, especially when determining the goal of your advertising campaign. Defining the goal must be compatible with the budget, for example, no Tell me: My goal is to get 20,000 clicks and my full budget is $50.

Make it logical and balanced, also regarding the budget, bear in mind that you will try more than once and will create more than one ad, and this point we will talk about in detail in the eighth step as it is important.

5- Think outside the box in terms of content and media (Creative)

Sometimes we see strange ads in terms of the idea and attract our attention greatly, and this is what is required of course, creative in advertising is one of the most important skills that if you can achieve it, know that your advertising campaigns will be successful far from your competitors.

The topic of thinking outside the box and accessing creative ideas often comes from experience and seeing a lot of good ads, the more successful ads you see, the more ideas you can reach outside the box. Finally, the creative topic in ads, my friend, is one of the most important steps for creating a successful advertising campaign.

6- Create a professional marketing message

Writing marketing content and ads is a skill in itself that is highly profitable and is even ranked as one of the highest paid skills in the world. The idea of ​​writing professional marketing content is not easy, it requires you to study and understand your target customer well to know the marketing message that suits this person and play On his sensitive chord or subconscious mind.

Of course, marketing messages are things that also need to be tried, but they are actually worth the effort because they are the basis for creating a successful advertising campaign, and as it is always said, the easiest thing in advertising is the technical steps to create it, while the difficult is the steps that precede the advertisement.

7- Choose eye-catching photos

The image is the first thing that a person sees in your advertisement and personally I consider it one of the most important conditions for creating a successful advertising campaign on the Internet. The image must be really attractive to attention. One of the things that make images attractive is the first thing is color, try to choose a color that contrasts with the color The platform on which you advertise, for example, when you advertise on Facebook, it is preferable to stay away from the blue and white color in the images.

One of the things that also attracts attention is the pictures of people, especially if the picture of a woman laughing 🧐 actually brings amazing results. Also, if you notice, you will find that celebrities in a certain field always show their pictures in their ads, also strange pictures come with more than wonderful results sometimes, As I mentioned, it needs experimenting. You may find a picture that you think is not good, but it achieves amazing results when you try it.

8- Experiment, then experience

Of course, this advice is very expensive. No matter how professional you are in the field of advertising, believe me, you will not be able to create a successful advertising campaign without trying more than one marketing content and more than one visual content. No one can judge the results of a specific content or image without trying, he can expect If he is an expert, but to be certain of a certain thing, this is impossible

Always make sure to try a lot of different ads to evaluate and know the best successful ad to stick with, I know this will cost you in the beginning but believe me this will save you a lot of money later because within a short period of creating many ads you will be able to determine the best ad and therefore all ads will stop The other and focus on it only and thus increase your profit.

Retargeting + scaling

This advice is important and has two different sections. The first section is retargeting. One of the most common mistakes that I frankly marvel at is not building a custom audience to retarget later. For example, if you say that your campaign goal is to get views on a particular video. .

In short, you should build several custom audiences divided as follows: (a group for those who watched 100% of the video, a group for those who watched 75%, a group for those who watched 50% and finally a group for those who watched 25% of the video) and of course you will retarget all of these with a different ad that fits With them, because as long as the person is watching your videos, it means that he is very interested, of course building custom audiences is not limited to views, but includes all goals.

The second section is scaling and it is related in one way or another to the previous point (the experience), when you create more than one advertisement and finally settle on stopping all advertising campaigns and stay on only one, it is smart to scaling this successful campaign after a while, what does that mean ?

In short, I mean that you divide this campaign into several campaigns, that is, if you target several interests or several countries, then create different campaigns to know which countries are more converting, for example, about your campaign for several campaigns, more accurate in terms of information to settle on what is better, and believe me that Increase your conversion rate and at the same time reduce your expense on ads, note that scaling is after a period of running the campaign, when the campaign results become weak.

10- Knowing the criteria for the success of the advertising campaign and measuring the results

How will you know if your advertising campaign is going the right way or not? This will only happen by following your advertising campaigns first and monitoring their data. Marketers always say a famous phrase in the world of marketing “know your numbers.” If you know your numbers and analyze them well, you will decide when to increase the campaign budget, when to stop it and when to make adjustments to it.

Never neglect the idea of ​​analysis and measuring results. This is a very important criterion that you must take into consideration when creating a successful advertising campaign. In fact, analysis is one of the most important steps of marketing. Of course, the analysis is done through the platform that you advertise on through the numbers and statistics that you provide and through the results. The final result achieved by you as well as the campaign can be tracked by any third party tool.

In the end, my friend, the idea of ​​creating a successful advertising campaign and actually achieving the desired goal is not a simple thing that happens overnight as some think, but it takes patience, effort and experience to know the best thing for you, and the experience is only in the first period only and then everything goes as it should Okay, in conclusion, if you have any question or inquiry, leave it to us in a comment, the Ramy Ezzat blog team welcomes all inquiries.