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The best ways to market mobile applications?

Why do you need mobile app marketing? And why creative advertising content is the basis?

According to market research companies such as Statista, the number of smartphone users in the world now exceeds 3.6 billion, and with that number constantly increasing over the past decade, it's no surprise that mobile ad impressions are the number one target for marketing agencies looking for new audiences.

It is surprising to know that the Apple App Store was only launched 10 years ago, yet last year mobile ad spending reached more than $ 199 billion. These traditional methods charge exorbitant fees for advertising space before they see a return on investment, and sometimes even spend millions on useless campaigns!

The era of performance-based marketing

Hence, the proliferation of digital advertising has ushered in a new era: the era of performance-based marketing, where instead of paying for inconspicuous ad space, advertisers now pay for successful transactions such as completing a sale or downloading, allowing businesses to easily measure ROI The impact of this shift is perhaps most pronounced in mobile games, where user acquisition is central to any game developer's marketing strategy.

In short, “User Acquisition – UA” is a data-driven advertising campaign that increases app downloads and in-mobile purchases, with a heavy focus on targeting social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

A recent success in this field is AdSide Media, a marketing agency that provides creative and user acquisition services to help app developers market their mobile apps. Commenting on the digital advertising landscape, the CEO of this agency Evgeny Marchenkov says:

The world of customer acquisition is getting more competitive

According to Evgeny, the world of user acquisition or customer acquisition is becoming more and more competitive year after year, what happens is that every new mobile game competes with hundreds of alternatives that exist in app stores, not to mention fluctuating user preferences which could lead to the downfall of any new app.

As a result, the UA (user acquisition) techniques that were effective three months ago may become obsolete today, and marketing teams have to create new ads regularly to avoid failed campaigns.

This is a context in which small marketing firms operate where the situation is not appropriate. With limited budgets and a lack of production tools, it has been difficult for them to maintain a steady flow of advertising content, also known as "creative" content, to compete with larger competitors.

They were also held back by the expensive advertising technical tools that the big competitors used to improve their reach, but all of this was disrupted when social media companies launched their own advertising platforms, which anyone with a good knowledge of ads can handle and operate.

Machine learning algorithms have been emerging in recent years and have taken over basic functions such as bid management and ad buying, and Evgeny explained this development:

The password is in the creative advertising content

With the implementation of this automation, many of the benefits of using third-party ad-tech (you create a site, users enter and a third party advertises) have largely disappeared. As UA (User Acquisition) managers had to look for a new feature for their marketing efforts. And they found the answer in creative content production teams.

This is because developing assets like images, animation, and sound are things that AI still can't do well, Evgeny says:

Only 5% of ads work well

However, simply hiring additional creative talent is not a solution in itself. As anyone with marketing experience knows, most ads have a modest shelf life, degrading their performance quickly after people have seen them enough times. Only about 5% of ads work well enough to justify spending additional budgets.

Even an exceptionally successful ad will drop in performance after a few days. This drop-in productivity is known as “creative content burnout.”

This means that only a few ads will eventually become the “huge success” advertisers are seeking. Just by showing a lot of ads and testing every step. Where the UA (User Acquisition) team hopes to find the elusive “ultra-creative” Evgeny says:

Develop now creative advertising content

As AI continues to monopolize advertising technology, the only real control that advertisers will have for mobile app marketing is how they develop their creativity (creative content).

Given that the money spent on social media advertising is expected to reach $52 billion in the US alone by 2024. The creative development of display ads and short video ads will continue to dominate across Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. Needless to say, this is where many agencies will focus their resources and efforts in the coming months and years, Evgeny says.