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Profit From Affiliate And Affiliate Selling Secrets 2022

Profiting from the affiliate has become one of the best areas of profit from the Internet, and we can even say the best. Where you can earn thousands of dollars through it without any exaggeration. So, let me know how you can earn money from the affiliate in detail.

If you are reading this article now, then you are undoubtedly looking for a way to profit from the affiliate program. I would like to tell you that as soon as you entered this article, you have already started your first right steps toward working and making money from affiliates.

Perhaps you are sitting in front of your phone or computer and looking for a way to earn some simple dollars.

Let me tell you that you are wrong on this point! You should set a goal in front of you to achieve the financial independence you want. This independence will only be achieved by building your own business, not as a way to earn a few cents or dollars.

Affiliate marketing is undoubtedly one of the best ways to build your own online business right now.

This is my goal in this article. Where I will provide you with a comprehensive guide. Once you have finished reading it, you will put your first foot on the path of making money from the affiliate.

Where we will address all aspects of the affiliate program, its features, the most important tools, and the best affiliate sites through which you can make abundant profits daily.

In order not to bother you, let's start by clarifying the idea of ​​being an affiliate marketer on the Internet, or what we call affiliate marketing .

What is the profit from Affiliate?

Affiliate marketing is a small partnership between you and a specific person. This partnership is to sell a specific product or service, and after the successful completion of the sale process, you will receive your commission in return for completing this task. This partnership takes two forms:

  • That the merchant or advertiser is the one who owns the product and you are the one who helps him sell this product.
  • That you own the product or service and want to sell it and are looking for someone to help you with that.

So the relationship here is one of profit for profit. Where both the advertiser and the marketer win.

  • Advertiser (Merchant): A person who owns a specific product or service that attracts customers. Thus, the merchant gains more than the marketer, because he is the owner of the product.
  • Marketer (it is you): He has neither a product nor a service, he does not have employees, and in addition, he works without any pressure.

To understand the idea of ​​profit from the affiliate more, let's give a real example. For example, there is a new Android phone company that wants to put its phones on the market.

In this case, the company is in great need of an affiliate marketer who has the necessary expertise to help the company in marketing for phones.

Where the affiliate marketer builds the appropriate landing pages and then does his advertising campaign, to reach the target audience “ Target Audience ”. Consequently, the company's sales percentage increases and profits increase.

And the secrets of profit from affiliate marketing (commission selling) lie in knowing how to reach the target audience to increase the conversion rate. It is the ratio of visitors' view of the offer they are marketing, and the percentage of the purchase.

I will go into this in detail throughout the explanation, so I advise you to continue reading for further clarification.

How is affiliate marketing and what are its best tools?

Organization and discipline are key factors in the process of earning from the affiliate program for beginners. Where all the steps taken by any successful marketer are monitored and known to everyone.

But the difference between an affiliate marketer and another is the organization and discipline during implementation. I will explain this point to you in detail below:

The marketer (it is you) enters Arab or foreign affiliate sites such as the Egypt affiliate. Then you start choosing the offer or product that you will market to. The promotion of the product is via a unique link (affiliate link) specific to the product you choose only. Where each product has its own link.

This means that if you choose more than one product to promote, you will get a link for each product.

The hosting company (the affiliate marketing company) is responsible for creating this link. Where these companies work by creating a single link for each product for each affiliate marketer on the site.

You may be asking yourself now: How does the affiliate company follow this link to learn about the sales processes of each marketer and give him the commission?

That's a smart question from you.. these sites simply rely on cookies. The role of these files is to track your link, determine the number of clicks on it, and determine the country from which these clicks come.

The company sets the duration of tracking the link, and it is usually between 60 to 90 days, and it can be permanent.

So if you have a suspicion that affiliate marketing sites can confuse affiliate links on the site, don't worry about it as these big companies know what to do and how.

These are the cookies that affiliate sites use to track links for each affiliate marketer. It monitors visitor behavior on every page of the site to collect information about visitors. This helps provide a better experience for visitors.

It also helps monitor every successful sale, so that each marketer gets his own commission.

Advantages of working in the field of Affiliate

Profiting from affiliate marketing has become one of the best ways to make money from the Internet. Therefore, many people began to turn to it, whether on Arab sites that support affiliate marketing or on foreign sites.

The affiliate profit project has many advantages such as:

  • You can work from your place from home.
  • You can choose the field you like and want to work in.
  • You can market more than one product to earn more money.
  • Take advantage of your skills and abilities to persuade customers to buy the service you are promoting.
  • One of the main advantages of the affiliate program is that it does not require setting up your own product to sell. It eliminates the need to buy a store to display your products or a store where you put the products. It also eliminates many other things.
  • Most advertisers put a large percentage of affiliate marketing, which motivates you to immediately start affiliate marketing.
  • The spread of the commission marketing profession, as we mentioned, throughout the Arab world, makes it one of the most important professions in the future.

As you have read, the advantages of earning from the affiliate program are many, so what are you waiting for to get started? Of course, after reading the article to know more information about the affiliate.

Affiliate profit strategies

You are now in need of some important tips that will help you earn money from the affiliate program. Especially after the spread of the affiliate field in all parts of the Arab world.

This means that the number of competitors is increasing day by day. Your competitor may be living nearby, or your friend may be working as an affiliate marketer and you don't know 😂!

1. Study the market well to know the best selling products

The market study is what distinguishes successful marketers from others. Some products are increasingly sold in certain countries and other countries that do not buy them.

Therefore, the best solution for you is to initially choose the types of products that all countries use, this is better for you as a beginner in affiliate work.

If you have enough experience to determine the right place and country to sell products, I definitely advise you to do so. Because this will be your right path towards earning money from affiliates.

2. Define your target audience

Before you start the process of marketing your product, whether you make a sponsored advertisement on YouTube or on Google, you should ask yourself this question: Who is the person interested in buying my product?

By answering this question, you will have taken the first steps to profit from the affiliate program. Without a target audience interested in buying the type of product you are promoting, there are no sales and therefore you will not achieve your goal of profit from affiliate offers.

This is because your ad will appear to people who are not interested in the product or service you are marketing for.

Your ad may appear in a poor country whose members do not have enough money to buy the product. So make your focus on identifying the right target audience to increase sales and thus increase profits.

3. Choose an affiliate program that suits you as a beginner

Choosing the best affiliate marketing program is an important step to profit from the affiliate program. The affiliate marketing program helps you in managing your advertising campaigns correctly and following up on their results. It also provides you with the appropriate tools to help you do your job.

The benefit of these tools and statistics is that they help you change the course of your advertising campaign when you find that it is going wrong.

I have collected the best Arabic and non-Arabic affiliate marketing sites as well, to save you the time of searching. I will explain to you each affiliate site separately during this article, to find the site that suits you easily. So read on now and don't worry about this point.

4. Check the product well before marketing it

There are hundreds of thousands of products on the Internet that need marketers to promote them. There are also many marketers with great experience in ways to profit from the affiliate.

But if the marketer is not fully aware of the product he is marketing, how will he convince the customer to buy this product!

So I advise you to study the product well before promoting it. Log in to social networking sites to get to know people's opinions about the product. Contact the owner of the product to know its most important features and details.

The most important thing is not to start your advertising campaign before you have thoroughly checked the product.

5. Know what your competitors are doing in the market

Do you have the skills and abilities to persuade customers to buy your own products or services?

Of course, your answer will be "yes". So you should know all the marketing methods that competitors use before you start.

You should know that daily we come up with new marketing methods and strategies for profit from the affiliate. You will certainly find some of your competitors using these methods and strategies. Why not take advantage of it?!

You can follow competitors and analyze the results of their advertising campaigns. Thus, you can discover new and profitable ways and strategies for affiliate marketing.

Therefore, do not rely only on what you have of information, the world of affiliates and the Internet is very large and has a lot of mysteries.

I have searched for the best competitor campaign tracking tools to offer to you so that you can use them to study competitors in the affiliate market.

  • AdSpy Tool.
  • Social ads out tool.

Is affiliate profit spread in the Arab world?

The field of affiliates has become widespread in the Arab world. This type of marketing has become quite well known and effective. Many people have also become very passionate about becoming affiliate marketers.

For example, is the best Arabic site for commission marketing. The Egypt affiliate program provides an excellent affiliate program.

You can register in the Souq Affiliate from here. Where you will see the login page like the following image.

The Arab Affiliate Summit is also held, where the most famous digital marketing experts in the Arab world gather to share their expertise in this field and provide assistance to new marketers.


Affiliate earning has become widespread in the entire Arab world. So it's time to learn the secrets of profit from the affiliate and start in the field of commission marketing if you want to make a profit from the Internet.