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What is Alibaba website?

Alibaba is part of the large Alibaba Group that includes other sites such as Taobao, which is an online B2B marketplace that provides retailers the opportunity to buy wholesale and retail products at reasonable prices. On Alibaba, online merchants who want to import can import from import offices from China To Saudi Arabia or other countries to buy products directly with the manufacturers, which gives them the opportunity to buy stock (existing goods) at low prices.

Buying in large quantities is common on Alibaba, and sometimes manufacturers do not contact you unless you are going to purchase a specific quantity or more. The number that constitutes the beginning of the order varies from one provider and from one company to another.

In addition to enjoying great discounts, you can create your own specialized products and unique designs, and add your own brand.

How does alibaba work?

On this Chinese website, both business owners and individuals can get goods at wholesale prices, directly from the factory. The basics of this platform include:

  • Select the product category you want to buy from
  • Find the offered product in several categories, including electronics, health and beauty products and many more
  • Reach potential suppliers and agree with them on pricing
  • Place the order, once the product arrives, you can sell it in your online store.

Pros and cons of buying from Alibaba

Buying from Alibaba has many pros and cons as well. The pros include:

  • Ability to design own products
  • Ability to buy wholesale products directly from manufacturers
  • The ability to buy at reasonable prices
  • Controlling product packaging and shipping matters such as tracking shipments from China .
  • Lower manufacturing costs
  • There is a huge number of manufacturers and suppliers that you can choose from

As for the negatives, they include:

  1. More cost
  2. The reality of the products may differ from the pictures shown on the website
  3. There is a certain order limit in order to get a discount on prices.

The criteria for selecting wholesalers and buying sites from Alibaba

Although buying in bulk can have huge benefits for your business, choosing the wrong supplier can cost you a lot of money. The winning deal depends on many things, including choosing the right manufacturer and supplier, product quality, and the best shipping method. But if you think about the points that will be displayed before buying, you can reach to choose the best deal, these points include:

  1. Knowing your needs: Buying in bulk has very great benefits for most business owners, but not all of them. Suppose you do not have enough storage space, or you do not have enough sales history to qualify you to buy in bulk, in this case, this deal will be a waste of money and time, in addition to that. Taking all factors into account helps you know the best products that you should search for and the best supplier.
  2. Seller reliability: After you decide what to look for, it is easy to find suppliers, but access to a reliable supplier is very important. Reliability can be assessed by searching for suppliers on Alibaba that have been marked as “Golden Suppliers” or “Authorized Suppliers” .
  3. Reading supplier evaluations: Reviews and evaluations of previous customers help you know the supplier’s behavior before dealing with it, and these evaluations can help you know the quality of the supplier’s service, the product that it will provide, delivery on time, and any other information, Alibaba helps you to get this information easily.
  4. Flexibility in dealing : Although competitive prices are one of the most important things when buying in large quantities, flexibility in dealing is no less important, the product can start with high prices at the beginning, but if it is flexible, you can reach a reasonable price with it.

How to order from alibaba wholesale

If you want to sell products online at competitive prices, buying wholesale products from Alibaba is the best for you, by knowing how to work on Alibaba, how to buy the right way, and how to buy from Alibaba without a commercial registration , your business can thrive, and To make the best deals to get goods directly from manufacturers at competitive prices in the market.

In order to start buying from Alibaba, you must know to buy at first, these steps help you to make a successful purchase from Alibaba on the site:

  • Create and verify your Alibaba account
  • Search for products based on their different categories
  • Communicate with suppliers
  • Negotiate the minimum order quantity
  • Check the displayed price in order to avoid additional fees that may be hidden
  • Request samples of the product in order to check the quality
  • Ensuring the quality of the products through the samples that were provided
  • make the deal
  • Resell the products on your online store after it arrives.

Tips for ordering from alibaba wholesale

After you know the mechanism for ordering from Alibaba in bulk, read these tips to help you know the right strategies for doing this process:

  1. Communicating with the factory: At first, you should know that the supplier may not always be the factory, and there are thousands of businesses on Alibaba, and they include manufacturers, suppliers, and wholesalers. Communicating with the factory of the goods directly gives you the opportunity to buy in bulk at the lowest prices.
  2. Don't be afraid to negotiate prices: The buying and selling process on Alibaba involves a lot of negotiation between seller and buyer, when you buy thousands of units of one product, you have the right to ask for the price you see fit, the supplier also knows that you are making a great deal, so He may give up things that you did not expect, but this will only be done through negotiation.
  3. Get a sample for checking: It is very important to be sure that the products you negotiate are right for your business. Requesting a sample helps you to be sure of it at no cost. Some samples to check before buying include: Electronics such as video games, jewelry, papers Toilet, laptop, toys, tissue paper, auto parts , foodstuffs sold in large quantities such as rice, flour, beans
  4. Monitor the shipping process: There are multiple options for shipping products to your location, the standard options include sea and air shipping, but depending on the wholesale contract, the option you choose can save you a lot of money, sea shipping is usually the best and cheapest option for buying heavy goods, While air freight is the best option if you want to buy lightweight goods in large quantities, you must also choose the shipping method that suits you, such as delivery at the seller’s site or other methods, you can choose, for example , a shipping company from China to Saudi Arabia that suits you.
  5. Prepare a suitable place for storage: Buying in bulk requires that you have a suitable place to store the products before sale or use, in order to avoid damage to the goods.