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Directory of global and best affiliate sites in order

affiliate marketing

Who doesn't want to make more money? Affiliate marketing is one of the best freelancing options for bloggers, and the popularity of affiliate marketing has increased dramatically in recent years as an effective strategy for business and corporate development, in order to improve affiliate marketing results, companies use affiliate sites in order to make the marketing process more efficient and effective. , Affiliate sites get their share and the business owner gets the profits from the sale and the blogger gets a commission from the sale.

The best global affiliate sites in order

Currently, there are a lot of affiliate sites online, there are international and Arab sites such as commission marketing sites in Saudi Arabia. Affiliate sites are an excellent intermediary between the advertiser and the business owner, here is the list of the best sites in the world:


Refersion is a site designed for companies looking to further develop e-commerce with bloggers and marketers. This site simplifies the marketing process with automated workflows, data analytics, and digital tools.

This site allows you to do everything through it from hiring marketers, setting a commission rate, tracking performance, creating reports, and paying commission in one easy to use interface, this site can also be linked with other sites such as Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento and WooCommerce in order to track sales, you can enter from here.


Tapfiliate is one of the best global affiliate sites as it includes a large number of commercial companies that rely on the site to recruit marketers and track performance in order to boost sales.

Whether you are working independently in order to build your own brand or a large company that manages several brands, Tapfiliate offers you many advantages in order to manage your affiliate marketing system. This site with more than 30 platforms such as Shopify, Zapier, and WooCommerce, and it also enables you to create unique codes and links for marketers, which you can access.

Post Affiliate Pro

Post Affiliate Pro is among the best sites for many startups and SMEs, its scalability makes it a popular choice for small startups venturing into affiliate marketing for company growth.

Like most other affiliate sites, Post Affiliate Pro enables companies to manage the marketing system from start to finish, providing many advantages such as supervising marketers, tracking the marketing process and creating promotional materials, but what makes this site distinct from other sites is the ability to integrate with Almost all apps and platforms, including popular e-commerce sites like Shopify, Magento, OpenCart and 3DCart, you can access here.


Affise is an innovative site that enables companies to automate and scale their marketing programs. The site contains many features and tools for creating and managing affiliate networks, in addition to some unique features such as multi-currency, third-party integration, and fraud protection.

Through its intuitive interface, you can easily configure and customize dashboards to better manage the workflow of marketers and advertisers, in addition to optimizing advertising campaigns with smart links, customer targeting, conversion rate optimization, and other advanced tools. An unlimited number of campaigns until you find your requirement.

Impact Partnership Cloud

If you deal with multiple forms of partnerships, Impact Partnership Cloud is the perfect choice for you, the unified framework gives you a comprehensive solution to manage all types of partnerships with marketers, influencers, ambassadors, sponsors, and corporate transactions.

This site helps companies get the most out of partnerships by providing all the necessary tools for hiring, onboarding, and monitoring partners' performance. This site also automates marketing programs throughout the partnership lifecycle in order to increase efficiency.


Thanks to the site's fully customizable interface, TUNE allows you to set your affiliate program exactly the way you want it, you can build your own set of tools from the huge list of advanced automation tools, this site makes setting up affiliate marketers easy and simple as well as making payments Without difficulties, you can manage all matters related to marketing and partnerships in just one platform.


Everflow helps you manage all types of partnerships and clients in one platform and is one of the best global affiliate sites. It simplifies partnership management with automated tools and enhanced integrations. It provides global payment services, scheduled reports, event tracking, and conversion monitoring to improve your marketing experience. With commission, it also enhances security by blocking automated fraud.


LeadDyno was launched in 2014, and since then the site has built a great reputation as one of the leading affiliate sites. Over the past few years, LeadDyno has been continuously improving features using the latest technologies and this has made it one of the best global affiliate sites today.

LeadDyno is also one of the easiest to use affiliate sites, it takes no more than a click or two in order to integrate the site with email platforms, electronic payment processors, management systems, and e-commerce platforms, account setup takes only a few minutes and does not require any technical knowledge.

The site includes basic tools to help new companies grow through affiliate marketing, in addition to other tools for large companies.


ShareASale is on the list of the best global affiliate sites. Through this site, you can find suitable marketers and build strong mutually beneficial partnerships, as the site includes a large number of business owners and advertisers.

This allows your website to choose from among a huge number of marketers, advertisers, and influential bloggers and build partnerships and share successes with them, provides you with the site also all the necessary tools for the preparation of marketers and performance monitoring as well as some ideas and tips to improve your own marketing program.

Rakuten Marketing

Rakuten Marketing has a group of the best brands and well-known partners, this site has become one of the best global affiliate sites with more than two decades of experience in affiliate marketing helping both business owners and advertisers to benefit from the site.

An affiliate marketing network connects business owners, advertisers, content creators, influencers, and other partners who can help grow the business as well as expand the company. Affiliate sites generally allow businesses to focus on developing and running the business by allowing advertisers to market on their behalf.